I have been to Siena numerous times, but never with F.B.I. agent Ana Grey. In the past when I’ve visited this beautiful city I’ve been nothing more than a naïve tourist, but April Smith’s book, White Shotgun, showed me people, places and things in an exciting and far more interesting Siena. While on vacation status in London with boyfriend Sterling McCord, Grey is witness to a brutal shootout. Before she can wipe off the debris, Grey is being sent by the bureau to Italy to gather intel on the husband of her recently discovered half sister, Cecilia Nicosa. Everything in Ana Grey’s world is deepRead More →

I just let a very good looking woman carrying a Marquis Jet bag jump ahead of me in line at the juice bar. She proceeds to order 3 drinks so complicated that a chemist with a PhD could not create the concoction. I even gave my forehead a dummy slap which she ignored and I must now must wait 45 minutes for my desperately needed elixir aka my power potion. I must have been terrible in another life. She keeps badgering the juice guy. I love her.Read More →

John Boehner hosts Small Things Considered: This just in: Obama’s Irish heritage wasn’t his great, great, great grandfather but actually only his great, great Grandfather. In the second part of the hour, Wayne LaPierre, Head of the NRA, discusses the advantages of women’s derringers and when it’s acceptable to use a surface to air missile.Read More →