photo: David Andrako by Rob Taub I don’t like to be one of those people that launches a sentence with the phrase, “Years ago,” but years ago, finding great live music in New York City was about as simple as finding – well – a shoe shine stand. I can easily recall a Monday night in 1978 when I was fresh out of college and walking down Seventh Avenue right below 23rd Street with a group of friends, going from one jazz club to another and seeing great artists play my favorite music. Today those venues are about as rare as an oasis in the desert,Read More →

by Rob Taub It’s appropriate that I interviewed Ute Lemper on the phone, because her new show at the Café Carlyle began thirty years ago with a phone call. “The show I’ve created is based on a phone conversation I had with Marlene Dietrich in 1988, when we were both living in Paris,” said Lemper. At the time, Lemper was starring in the Paris production of Cabaret, and had just won a Molière — the French equivalent of a Tony Award. She was receiving a tremendous amount of attention for her performance and was being heralded as the “new Dietrich” by the press. Lemper wasRead More →

Harvey and Stemms may sound like the name of a catalogue selling products for the affluent, but they are a pair of deadly assassins and the first characters we meet in Robert Crais’s gripping new novel, The Wanted. Harvey and Stemms are hunting Tyson Connor, an awkward teenager who has robbed thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry from some very wealthy and dangerous people. His mother Devon sees a stolen $40,000 dollar watch in his room, figures out that Tyson is in trouble and hires private detective Elvis Cole (the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Detective) to find him, as he’s suddenly disappeared. Harvey and StemmsRead More →