President Obama called federal workers “patriots who love their country.” My guess is that he hasn’t spent any time in a post office or had dealings with the IRS recently. In fact, I believe that instead of jail time for petty crimes, a more effective punishment would be having to buy stamps and mail letters at any post office in New York City — for a minimum of a full week!Read More →

As I await reconstructive hand surgery tomorrow I consider the difference between the quality of my medical care today and what it was like prior to Obama being elected. In the last two years the cost of my Oxford insurance has increased more than two hundred dollars per month and my deductable has doubled. The bottom line is I am paying more and receiving less. I’ve encountered trepidation and uncertainty regarding my coverage from medical providers through every step of the process leading up to my surgery. I voted for Obama yet all I know about his health care plan is that it sucks!!!Read More →

Despite my warm invitation, President Obama has instead chosen to be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. Oy!Read More →

Despite numerous conversion attempts by Republican friends and colleagues, I voted line A nearly all the way. I did register one protest vote because I received too many irritating supercilious Robo calls from elitist politicians who assume their constituents are morons. I’m already a registered Democrat so please go annoy someone else!Read More →