I love how yesterday’s Post had an article against the WSJ’s front page image of Elena Kagan. It is a black and white image of her holding a bat ready to swing. The Post suggested that WSJ was trying to imply that she is a lesbian (when really the article metaphorically spoke of her “stance”). But even if it was about her lesbianism, I am much more comfortable with that than with the fact that we had a president leading this country claiming that he spoke to God.Read More →

I love this country because of the freedoms we are allowed. Samuel Johnson said: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” This was not meant as an indictment of patriotism in general, only false patriotism, which is what John McCain has been spouting with regard to Miranda rights. You cannot disregard the laws that make this country great on a whim because someone has committed a heinous crime.Read More →

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority pays a consultant (Accenture) $115 million dollars to help them save money. A five year contract was signed in February 2009 and one of Accenture’s first suggestions was to cut $49 million in jobs. That covers the first two years of their contract! It’s moves like this that explain why the MTA is running at a $400 million dollar deficit. Doesn’t this upset anyone!? Who are the dunderheads that run this organization? If they need to pay that much money for a consultant then they shouldn’t be running the MTA. Hello Tea Party members: Please stage a protest against these idiots!Read More →

Will Senators question Elena Kagan’s qualifications? Who is going to question the qualifications of our elected officials who have bought their seats and are incapable of running a set of toy trains.Read More →